Planter Fasciitis Video Course

This course explores the bio mechanical cum pathophysiological diagnosis and treatment of plantar fasciitis. Foot biomechanics, testing, etiology and treatment plans are presented in this distance learning course.

This online planter fasciitis course covers the anatomy, symptoms, causes and advance treatment options of plantar fasciitis. You will study the anatomy of the foot bones and fascia, causes and risk factors for the development of plantar fasciitis, symptoms of plantar fasciitis, and various treatments for plantar fasciitis, including cuppingkinetics, strengthening exercises, and dry needling approach.

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Women's Fitness Specialist course was very descriptive and gave a inside view of the importance of fitness in a women's life at each and every stage like during teenage, adolescent, middle age and old age. It is upcoming course and I am glad that IHFE  has bought this course very accessible to students who have interest in learning and gaining knowledge about the subject. The curriculum and syllabus was enormous with good reference materials which helped me prepare well for exam. Entire team was very supportive during the course.
By Farista Rozina, Hyderabad
The certified Pilates Trainer Course is an excellent course to learn about the fundamentals of Pilates for a beginner in this particular area. The course materials especially the visual book about the exercises is a great tool to learn the different forms of exercises. Convenient way of learning any time with the access of websites and materials. A must recommendation for all those people who are interested in Pilate.
It's a great pleasure getting to you back with my success I did my women's fitness specialist @ IHFE It helped me in transforming my way of handling female clients Your course gave me a platform to understand better human female anatomy It helped me to learn various kinds of disease and how it can be handled Nd what exercise will help in adding better values to their life I found many research persons topic handling obesity in a different aspects Nd how to train young girls in fitness Thanks for being there to boost my carrier Thanks to IHFE nd it's team For providing a wonderful carrier in fitness field  
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