Flexibility Trainer

Course Aims:

Flexibility is an important part of any well rounded exercise program. Flexibility trainer course aims to enhance fitness trainer’s ability to design short, medium and progressive long term well rounded fitness program for clients wishing to boost muscle elasticity, and improve balance and posture. The flexibility trainer course gives participants in depth information what will allow you to train your clients safely and effectively.

Course Objectives:

· Learn to conduct flexibility assessment and explore specific stretches techniques to improve clients’ flexibility.

· Understand how the lack of stretching can cause discomfort and posture imbalance

· Learn to maintain or restore a normal ROM by using stretching techniques. A normal ROM is an essential for daily living activities, optimal sports performance, injury prevention, better coordination and overall well being.

· Understand the muscles being used and the importance in each stretch

· Learn stretches for the upper limbs, lower limbs, neck and trunk

· Learn stretches techniques to improve flexibility for special conditions

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Know the different types of stretching techniques

• Safely and correctly train clients using flexibility techniques

• Advise and assist clients wishing to improve flexibility, balance and posture

• Prescribe a different types of stretching exercises

• Design and implement a variety of exercises using different stretching techniques based on clients’ fitness goal.

• Learn how to care for clients with health problems

Course Description:

Stretching is perhaps the most undervalued components in the fitness programs, but is the most important components of an integrated fitness program. Poor flexibility and muscle imbalances can lead to injury and decrease performance. The goal of any flexibility program is to improve muscle flexibility. Flexibility enhances joint mobility and promotes structural integrity. The trainer helps clients to effectively improve range of motion and encourage active movement pattern using stability ball.

The course explores a variety of flexibility techniques including static, dynamic, PNF, and active.

The 8 hour flexibility trainer course is made of up of the 11 modules

1) Flexibility assessment modules introduce key tests to assess clients’ ROM and to be able to indentify problem areas needing improvement.

2) Flexibility training technique provides wide variety of stretching techniques. It also teach proper form of techniques

3) Flexibility training program introduces participants to the intensity, duration, frequency, mode and progression of the techniques to develop safely and effectively flexibility program for clients.

Course Prerequisition:

Must be at least 18 years of age

Fitness professionals

Fitness enthusiasts

Allied healthcare professionals

Nominal hours to complete course: 8 hours

Time to complete course: 1 month

Successful completion: You will receive a printable Continuing Education certificate of completion