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Dr Narkeesh Arumugam, PhD

Narkeesh MPT (Neuro), Phd.

DO MAS. PG. DIP Osteo and Chiro (UK)

Dean Faculty of Medicine

Professor-Department of Physiotherapy

Punjabi Univesity (Patiala)

Internationally Accredited Teacher Osteopathy College of Ontario Robbie Goodrum Seminar UK and THAILAND http://dr.narkeesh.com/



Dr Maneesh Arora

Dr Maneesh Arora Prof and HOD SBS Post Graduate Institute.

MPT (Sports)

Caeme (Phenoix) USA, COMT, CATT, CMTT

DO Osteopathy

Internationally accredited teacher Goodrum academy UK and OCO Canada




Monalisa Vadi, MSPT

Director of IHFE fitness academy Monalisa VadiMonalisa Vadi (MSPT), Creator of International Health and Fitness Education-IHFE academy, is a Physical Therapist specializing in the field of Musculoskeletal. She received a Master of physiotherapist from Sheffield Hallam University in United Kingdom in 2008. She holds certificates in aquatic training, yoga training and diet and nutrition. She has had extensive experience treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries, post operative situations and sports injuries. She primarily focused on providing manual therapy to patients with musculoskeletal problems, sports related injuries and post surgical conditions. Monalisa Patel began working in Satellite Hospital and Physiotherapy Research Centre in Ahmadabad, India in 2005 as the HOD at Physiotherapy Centre. She also worked in various Multi Speciality Hospitals and private clinics. Besides her knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, she has been designing the customized strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training for all both men and women of all age group people to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals. She also has experience with Pilates exercises and has designed the programs for pre and post natal women, sport specific population, models, dancers and rehabilitation. Monalisa has extensive experience in training the clients with bosu ball, foam roller, stability ball and resistance bands. In 2014, she opened International Health and Fitness Education- IHFE fitness academy in order to begin the realization of her dream to offer quality education of health and fitness to the fitness enthusiasts and allied healthcare professionals. Monalisa understands that medical education is an ongoing process and, as such, continues to supplement her university education with the various health and fitness courses.

Vindhya Asthana BPT, PG Dip.

Vindhya AsthanaVindhya is a Physical therapist & Ergonomist, specializes in treatment of orthopaedic ailments and Sports Injuries. She received Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in India in 2007, and is currently pursuing further specialization in Geriatric Care. She is a Certified Manual Therapist for spine and peripheral joints, from Melbourne University Australia. Vindhya has extensive experience treating patients with various musculoskeletal disorders like Joint dysfunction, Arthropathies, injuries pertaining to a particular sport and rehabilitating post surgical cases like Joint replacements and surgical management of fractures. Vindhya also has expertise in training the patients with resistive bands, tubing and medicine balls to reinforce the need of core stability and over all body fitness. With recent advancements in Physical Therapy techniques, Vindhya likes to help patients recuperating from current medical condition and return to their previously active lifestyle in a healthier manner. Her experience has enriched her abilities to treat patients in high performance settings and derive distinctive results in patient care. Vindhya also holds a specialization in Occupational safety and Ergonomics wherein she assists her patients and emphasizes the need for taking work safety measures, benefits of following ergonomics for oneself and using ergonomically designed furniture. In addition, Vindhya also likes to incorporate principles and techniques of alternative medicine like acupressure, reflexology etc to give more comfort to her patients. She is also attached to organizations like ‘Plan India International’ and ‘Salaam Baalak Trust’ to extend voluntary services to underprivileged children. Apart from this, she also volunteers in PT camps to serve the community. During her free time, Vindhya enjoys reading and listening to Indian classical music.

Dr. Vardhman Jain

Vardhman jain Dr vardhman jain is currently working freelance in mumbai with Advance Sports & Trauma management in dry needling and learning from many more pioneers making it more evidence based practice with result oriented with concentration on chronic pain management and instructor on Intra Muscular Dry Needling Technique. Also specialized in INPP (USA) and Therasuit Therapy (USA) for treating Peadiatric and Adult Neuro cases.

Also certified from international Hallawick method of hydrotherapy and Ergonomist. Currently this concept is most widely accepted in USA and Australia, and become pandemic across other countries.


 Amaresh Mohan, MPT Orthopaedics

Amaresh MohanAmaresh Mohan is a physical therapist specializing in the treatment of orthopaedic musculoskeletal injuries Treatment. He received a Masters of Physical Therapy from CCS University Meerut. He is a Manual therapist and has experience with therapeutic Manipulation, has had extensive experience treating patients with spinal dysfunction Treatments, sports related injuries and post surgical conditions in orthopaedics. He also volunteers in organizations they are Amitabh Bachchan Sewa Sansthan & Helpmate India which works for peoples and organises and participates in various Health Camps in Uttar Pradesh.


Dr Purvi Nandani, M.P.T. (Musculoskeletal Conditions and Sports), M.I.A.P., M.I.A.F.T.

purvi nandani Dr Purvi Nandani is a Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multitasking and organisational skills. Able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and carers to maximise the rehabilitation of patients with various musculoskeletal and sports conditions and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on recovery. She has completed her graduation from MSU and postgraduation from RGUHS with first class. She won “Best student of the year in Academics” during M.P.T. She has done excellent work in academic as well as clinical field. She provided services in various camps, presented papers, posters and evidence based seminar in state as well as national level conferences. She has published many research publications in different Indian and International journals. “ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST IN OBSTETRIC AND GYNECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS” is the first student friendly book published by Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers under her name.

She is the member of Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (IAP) and Indian Association Of Fitness Training (IAFT). She has completed various professional courses in the main musculoskeletal paradigms which included training in the following areas : Upper and lower Quarter Mulligan’s Concept, Basic principle of NDT and its application on neurological disorders in child, Neurodynamics of Cervical Spine and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques. She is also a certified Aerobics / group fitness instructor, Pre and post natal fitness instructor and Zumba Instructor. Over the past five years, Dr Purvi is working at Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College, Rajkot, as an assistant professor. She maintains her clinical practice alongside lecturing as physiotherapist. Building on a career in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, continuing education forms a large part of her professional development by attending different research programme and courses regularly to ensure best practice is delivered to clinical and academic education. She is always ready and qualified for the next stage in a successful career and looking forward to making a significant contribution as a physiotherapist.