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Whether you’re fitness training for a new career, adding to your current job skills or just interested in learning new things, Ihfe has continuing education for fitness

Ihfe is pleased to offer a wide selection of educational programs and opportunities for all individuals world wide.

Ihfe have developed many convenient, cost saving and hassle-free continuing education program. The continuing education offered you best platform to grow and expand your experience and expertise. It also continually upgrade your current knowledge and provide you most up to date health and fitness information.

Ihfe mission is to provide the world class quality education to the most qualified health and fitness professionals.

Exercise and Osteoporosis
exercise for osteoporosisThis seminar is designed for prospective fitness enthusiasts and allied health professionals who want to work in the field of osteoporosis. This course prepares candidates for careers in the osteoporosis and fitness industry.
The exercise and osteoporosis course is help to develop an appropriate exercise training program for client with osteoporosis and also evaluating for risk of osteoporosis.
This seminar also gives participants in depth information what will allow you to train your clients safely and effectively.
The main aim of exercise and osteoporosis remains to help all individuals with osteoporosis achieve an optimal level of health and well being.This seminar will include:
• Introduction of osteoporosis
• Can we Prevent Osteoporosis How it’s possible? Bone Remodeling and Relationships between age and bone strength
• Benefits of exercise for people with Osteoporosis
• Types of exercises for people with Osteoporosis- Weight bearing exercises, Resistance Exercise, Flexibility, Pilates exercises, Balance, Posture and Functional exercises
• Principles of exercises Prescription
• Exercise Safety
• Exercise Tips
• Fracture risk assessment
• Exercise Gide
Exercise science for fitness
images  111Exercise science is an ideal continuing education discipline for students who wish to work in public health, nutrition and fitness field as physiotherapist, occupational therapist, fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts.
The continuing education program in exercise science provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge in the closely related fields of exercise science. The program is designed to develop and enhance competencies necessary for creating applied nutrition and exercise programs for clients interested in wellness and weight management.
The certificate in exercise science covers the basic human anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise adaptation and nutrition.
This 1 month program will help you muscle in the science of exercise, preparing you to be a health leader for the future.This seminar will include:
• Human Anatomy
• Introduction of Human Anatomy:-
• The Skeletal system:-
• The Muscular System
• Kinesiology
• Exercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics
• Biomechanics
• Exercise Physiology
• Exercise Adaptation
• Nutrition and Human Performance
Fitness Assessment
imagesThe fitness assessment certification course providing research based continuing education for health and fitness professionals who wish to dramatically increase their knowledge of fitness assessment for clients. The Fitness Assessment certificate package with online test includes course manual based on ACSM and NASM.
The Exercise4fit Fitness Assessment continuing education program provides a comprehensive approach to physical and health assessment. This course offers a well balanced approach to the assessment of physical fitness and addressing body composition, cardiorespiratory assessment, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.The 12 hour fitness assessment course is made up of the 11 modules
• Overview of the fitness assessment
• Guidelines for Preparing for assessment
• Contraindications of exercise testing
• Subjective assessment explores health history, Occupation, Lifestyle, past injuries and surgeries and chronic conditions
• Sequence of Objective assessment and when test termination should be terminated
• Body composition assessment
• Cardio respiratory fitness assessment
• Muscular strength and endurance assessment
• Muscular flexibility tests to assess overall body flexibility
• Posture and movement evaluation techniques
• Performance tests to assess skill related fitness
Flexibility Trainer
shutterstock_127495292Flexibility is an important part of any well rounded exercise program. Flexibility trainer course aims to enhance fitness trainer’s ability to design short, medium and progressive long term well rounded fitness program for clients wishing to boost muscle elasticity, and improve balance and posture. The flexibility trainer course gives participants in depth information what will allow you to train your clients safely and effectively.This seminar will include:
• Overview of Flexibility Training
• Review of the Human Movement System
• Mechanical properties and neuromuscular efficiency
• Mechanical Properties of Contractile Tissue
• Neuromuscular Efficiency
• Scientific Rationale for Flexibility Training
• Flexibility assessment
• General Guidelines of Flexibility training
• Precautions for clients with health problems
• Principles of Flexibility training
• Flexibility training Types:
• Practical application of Flexibility exercises
• Flexibility exercises using stability ball
Certified pilates Trainer
pilates 1The IHFE Pilates training certification will provide fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills to become a sought after Pilates trainer in the fitness industry. Our aim is to deliver the best functional Pilates training course for the fitness industry and to provide fitness professionals with the knowledge to adapt Pilates based movements to all ages and abilities. The course is packed with a total of over 780 colour photographs step by step for pilates training. This course includes:
• Introduction to Pilates exercises
• Pilates as preventative exercise: foundations
• Pilates exercises
• Pilates Programming:beginner, intermediate and advanced pilates mat program
• Fundamental principles for therapeutic pilates program
• Pilates program using equipment such as reformer, cadiliac, chair, spine corrector and pilates small apparatus, theraband routines
• Pilates programming for special population
• Instructions during pilates training
Core training specialist core_1[1]IHFE core training specialist is designed for fitness professionals and physiotherapists who wish to learn the fundamentals of core training. This continuing education course helps in the development of better posture, body awareness and joint stability for all age groups. It also guide you to improves sport performance by enhancing the stiffness of the trunk, thereby providing a platform that enables greater torque production in the upper and lower bodies. This course is to comprehensively address several key issues related to specific training for the core musculature.
This course includes:
• Core anatomy and biomechanics
• Core testing and assessment
• Core activation during training, Instability and limb activity and Multijoint vs single joint training
• Exercise training: Isometric strength training, Core exercises and drills, Leg and hip muscle training, Back, chest and arm muscles training, Shoulder and rotator cuff strength training
• Design Core training program
• Sport specific core training such as Baseball and softball, baskeball, football, golf , ice hockey, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling
Speed, agility and quickness training specialist
speed_agility_1[1]The IHFE Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Training Specialist course is designed for physiotherapist and fitness professionals who wish to expand their careers and provide superior sports performance training to their sport related clients. Trainers who work with athletes in sports like basketball, soccer, football , and other sports where speed, agility and quickness are essentials to peak performance, will find the extensive benefits of this comprehensive training course. It offers resource for developing successful athlete specific and sport-specific training programs.
This continuing education program includes:
• How the training works
• Factors determining agility and quickness
• Core activation during training, Instability and limb activity and Multijoint vs single joint training
• Athlete testing and assessment
• Speed training
• Agility and Balance training and drills
• Quickness and reaction time, Quickness drills and Reaction time drills
• Sport specific Training programs
Youth Strength Trainer
strength_1[1]IHFE has designed this course for fitness trainers and physiotherapists who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding in teaching strength fitness to youth. This certification strives to enhance teaching skills and methods that will foster a lifetime of strength exercises in youth.
This course includes:
• Strength training fundamentals
• Strength training techniques
• Program Design: Basic, Intermediate and advanced Strength and power training program and exercises, Sport specific strength and power training
• Periodization and recovery
• Eating for strength and performance