IHFE Live Promoter

This means – any person can become a catalyst – a connector – a promoter of IHFE academy and encourage students or anybody to take up our certification of courses.

Students can come especially if the lecture is arranged in their campus.

What the promoter has to do:

Prepare a presentation and content listing the benefits of taking up IHFE courses

Visit the college campus, talk to dean or principal and arrange a lecture of half an hour to 45 minutes and talk about our academy only.

Let all students to fill your design special IHFE form which you can scan and send to IHFE for referral

One can take 2 lectures in a month in the same or different colleges. And deliver quality lecture and motivate students to take up the courses.

You can upload IHFE courses at your website and promote in your way

Promote IHFE courses by developing your own website and Get up to 20% Commission

What IHFE has to do-

IHFE Provide contents and list of other resources which help promoter taking up IHFE free seminar

IHFE provide Website, materials, flyers, brochures and many more to deliver quality lectures and attract students

IHFE has spent thousands of money and ample of time to create international fitness education platform on which promoter can take 45 minutes lectures.

Payment –

10% to the promoter