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IHFE Partners Health and Fitness Educational Institutions

IHFE Partnership is open to health and fitness educational institutions, exercise science colleges, physiotherapy colleges and universities.

As IHFE Partners, you have the following benefits:

IHFE provides high quality online or live education programs that help students acquire the knowledge and skills to begin careers in health and fitness, IHFE provides a number of benefits to educational partners.

We host workshops at your facility twice in a year – Give your student’s face to face instruction from IHFE Professionals in a classroom environment with workshops held at your facility. Our team can help your students enhance their skills and techniques in a variety of areas including health, fitness and physiotherapy.

IHFE give a seminar or workshop on one particular topic for working professionals – Which a working physiotherapist does not have knowledge about.

IHFE also give a seminar or workshop on one particular topic for students – Which will enable them for better growth and job prospects in future.

The IHFE CME courses should be such that it should enable the physiotherapist to add a ‘qualification’ to his existing qualifications and give him/her a ‘certificate’.

Hence CME topics for students and working professionals should be different and should actually be the ones which need live demonstration and which the students and working therapist can get nowhere else.

IHFE Partners institutions, colleges and university and Get up to 20% discount for their students on bulk registration during online certification, continuing education, live workshops, live seminars, products and many more.

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