Health and Fitness Clubs, Physiotherapy Clinics

IHFE Partner Gyms, Fitness Centers and Physiotherapy Clinics

IHFE Partnership is open to Gyms, Health and fitness centers, Weight loss clinics, physiotherapy clinics and Nutrition centers.

Develop an elite staff to motivate your members

IHFE has created a path for health and fitness facilities that starts with ensuring your staff has the knowledge and skills to empower your members to long-term change. Choose from quality, JAS-ANZ accredited certification programs for Gym Trainer/Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapy , Weight Management Specialist, Strength and Conditioning specialist, Back Injury Prevention Specialist, Group Fitness Trainer/Aerobic Fitness Trainer, Fitness Assessment and exercise Prescription, Women’s Health and Fitness Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Trainer, Flexibility Trainer, Exercise and Osteoporosis, Certified Pilates Trainer, Core Training Specialist, Youth Strength Trainer, and Speed, Agility and Quickness Training Specialist

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Improve Acquisition, Retention with Cutting-Edge Expertise

Now, more than ever, your members expect hands-on help to achieve the results they want. They need professionals who know how to coach them to long-term behavior change, healthier eating habits and regular physical activity. Earning the IHFE Certified fitness professional Certification will help your team meet those demands, and simultaneously, improve retention by keeping your members coming back. Holding the only IHFE certification can also help qualified members of your team create a new revenue stream for your facility and attract a new market segment in your community.

Offer specialized services for unique populations

In addition to equipping your staff with the expertise they need to respond to new trends in health and fitness, IHFE offers a wide range of Specialty Certifications to help you meet the needs of specific populations. Being able to deliver guidance on Back injury prevention, weight management, pre and post natal specialist, women fitness, therapeutic exercise and more will help you retain members and attract others who need expert help.

Hire quality team members

We also encourage you to recruit professionals who hold our certifications. IHFE Certified fitness professionals can help you improve retention and attract new members.

As IHFE Partners, you have the following benefits:

Become IHFE Partners gym, fitness centres and physiotherapy clinics and Get up to 20% discount on bulk registration during online certification, continuing education, live workshops, live seminars, products and many more.

You will get chance to display your Name, work profile, company profile, phone no, website and city at IHFE website. Let clients/Patients reach you nearby you for your personal business

You will get IHFE recognised gym, fitness centers and physiotherapy center Certification – At least 2 IHFE certified trainers in your center

You can post health and fitness related jobs, news or other at our website or at other media

We host workshops at your facility twice in a year – Give your staff face to face instruction from IHFE Professionals in a classroom environment with workshops held at your facility. Our team can help your staff enhance their skills and techniques in a variety of areas including metabolic training, strategies to use with overweight and obese clients, sports conditioning, small-group training and more.