Course Aim:

Our Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer Certification course consist of the most up-to-date information pertaining to all aspects of pre and post natal fitness. The aim of this programme is for fitness instructors & personal trainers to develop the advanced skills and knowledge specific to pre and post natal exercise prescription. Using this certification, you can train learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to design an individualized programme for pre and post natal clients as well as workout recommendations for them and find the most popular exercise regimens. After successfully completing the course, participant will be able to :

  • Benefits of physical activity as well as identify and manage specific risks of it for pre and post natal clients
  • Key considerations for pre and post natal clients participating in exercises programme.
  • Nutritional guideline for pre and post natal clients
  • Designing and recording an individualized, safe and effective exercise programme for pre or post natal clients
  • Fetal risks associated with pre-natal exercise
  • The role of exercise in recovery from the birth process

Course Objectives:

· Describe maternal anatomy and physiology, as well as the list of the physiological changes that takes place during pregnancy, including those seen in the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and thermoregulatory systems.

· Describe the physiology of labor pain, major events of labor and birth, the puerperium and the extended postpartum period, as well as how they lead to the development of goals and priorities of physical activity for this population.

· Describe appro­pri­ate types of phys­i­cal activ­ity/exercises for the pre/postnatal population, the necessary and sufficient components of exercise that safely and effectively meet the goals and priorities of physical activity for this population, based on current research and theory.

· Describe recommended guide­lines for nutri­tional suf­fi­ciency for pre-conception, preg­nant and breast­feed­ing women.

· Explain programming guidelines and considerations for both pre- and postnatal exercisers in C-section.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: ƒ

  • Describe the major anatomical, physiological, skeletal and risk factors of pregnant and post-partum clients.
  • Explain the benefits and fetal risks of exercise during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Explain the particular health concerns and contraindications for exercise for pregnant and post-partum clients.
  • Demonstrate, explain and spot some of the most common exercise used for strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise for pregnant and postpartum clients.
  • Design exercise programme based on the specific needs of these clients (C-section).

Course Description:

This course is designed for students to gain an understanding of the anatomical, physiological and biomechanical changes that occur during the three trimesters of pregnancy and the post natal period. This course also include overview of common discomforts of the pregnancy and recommend exercises/physical activity to relieve the symptoms. Recommend exercise prescription for the maintenance of health and general wellbeing of mother and baby.

This course comprises of benefits of exercise during pregnancy, its safety considerations, specific exercises, FITT principles, healthy eating, and suggestions for postpartum exercises. This course emphasize evidence based exercises and fitness goals that are important to include in exercise programs for women who are prenatal, pregnant, or postpartum. This course also guide students about possible risks associated with exercise during pregnancy for both the pregnant female and the growing foetus as well as establish appropriate training programme. This course also helps to select and integrate mind body exercises, effective breathing and relaxation techniques into an exercise program for pregnant women.and recognize the symptoms of over-training in both the mother and the fetus.

The students will discover the benefits of exercise for pre/postnatal women and will feel confident in teaching modified pelvic floor and abdominal exercises, strength training and cardio workouts. The students can also learn how to talk to your clients about the scientific changes are experienced by mother, and the best exercises to relieve the most common pregnancy complaints. Course includes an excellent postpartum section on the best exercises for recovery from c-section and vaginal birth and getting back to pre-pregnancy shape quickly and safely. Fitness professionals will learn programming, biomechanical, nutritional and psychological considerations in addition to pre and postnatal fitness into group and one-on-one sessions. This comprehensive, online certification is filled with information that is presented in a way that speaks to all learning styles – audio, video, slide shows and/or text book and practice tests.

Pre and Post natal specialist certification course is on a home study course so you can complete the course at a pace which meets your personal level of satisfaction. The average duration you require to complete the course is 6 months or lower so it’s really up to you. We do allow you 8 months from the date of enrolment to complete the course.

Once candidates get register with us, they will get a training course. We offer our own training course but will also accept outside courses. Along with the course syllabus, course material and reference guide we send you 100 multiple- choice questions and 3 essays that test your understanding of the materials; so while you’re reading you’re preparing for the exam at the same time.

100 score is allotted to 100 multiple choice questions and 30 score is given to 3 essay.

A candidate must achieve a score of 100 or higher out of 130 score to access your final exam. Once you have achieved our desired score, you will be granted access to your final test.

Course Prerequisite(s):

You must be at least 18 years of age

Online Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer Other Requirements:

For taking this Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer Course you need internet access, an email account, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari Web browsers.

Familiarity with medical terminology and anatomy is a plus.

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced health enthusiasts seeking advancement, this course is sure to benefit one and all.