Course Aim:

The IHFE core training specialist course is designed to provide fitness professionals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to implement an evidence-based core training program for all age groups including kids, adults, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Course Objectives

Learn the fundamentals knowledge of core strength

Learn how to improve body awareness and posture in exercise

Understand how to improve athletic performance and prevent lower back injury

Improve muscular endurance of deep supporting postural muscles to maintain better posture over longer periods of time

Understand how to tone and strengthen muscles for better shape for all age groups and ability levels

Learn core training principles, concepts and programming

Design core training program to eliminate any injury and enhance performance

Course Description

IHFE core training specialist is designed for fitness professionals and physiotherapists who wish to learn the fundamentals of core training. This continuing education course helps in the development of better posture, body awareness and joint stability for all age groups. It also guide you to improves sport performance by enhancing the stiffness of the trunk, thereby providing a platform that enables greater torque production in the upper and lower bodies. This course is to comprehensively address several key issues related to specific training for the core musculature.

This continuing education course guide and motivate you towards building your strongest body ever using your own body weight, fitness balls, medicine balls, resistance bands and hand weights. This course provides practical hands-on training with body weight exercises for every major muscle group including the use of Pilates based principles.

The course is packed with over 200 core exercises including the abdominal muscles and lower back, along with upper and lower extremities. It also includes specific core muscle prescriptive recommendations for different sports.

Course prerequisite:

Must be at least 18 years of age

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Fitness professionals

Fitness enthusiasts

Personal Trainers

Any other allied healthcare professionals

Nominal hours to complete course: 15 hours

Time to complete course: 1 month

Successful completion: You will receive a printable Continuing Education certificate of completion