About IHFE academy


The International Health and Fitness Education – IHFE is an international Indian based healthcare and fitness education academy. The academy provides a variety of physiotherapy and fitness certification and continuing education courses for physiotherapist, fitness professionals, fitness enthusiasts and any allied healthcare professionals.

The founders of IHFE have worked with over 10 physiotherapists teams. Using only the latest in scientific research, IHFE has developed the most in-depth series of courses availabl

International Health and Fitness Education (IHFE) is Regd under Govt at India 1948 Act; Reg. No: – PII/JUDG/2900004/0140223.

IHFE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation. IHFE holds JAS-ANZ accredited certification through QA Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

The certificate has been issued under the IAF MLA, the certificate should be accepted in foreign countries that have an IAF member. The local IAF member should support the certificate’s acceptance.


  • To convene live and online certification course, continuing education, and the upgrade of skill and knowledge of Physiotherapy and fitness independently or with the co-operation and collaboration of other institutions to fulfil or further the aims and objects of the IHFE.
  • “Continuing education courses are more focused and provide practical hands-on training. They can help you build skills you don’t have the opportunity to practice during the regular workday
  • Help advance your career and stay ahead of the competition in the workplace.
  • IHFE offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field. It improves job-related skills.
  • Give your job prospects a boost

IHFE Certificate Widely Accepted

IHFE courses maintain international quality standards and guidelines for health, fitness physiotherapy continuing education in India. IHFE Online and live courses are accepted by hundreds of employers and organizations worldwide. IHFE certifications are an excellent way of demonstrating your knowledge and skills to prospective employers and greatly boost your chances of moving ahead in your career. More than 2,000 individuals across the world have obtained IHFE certifications since the company’s inception in the year 2014. Certifications provided by IHFE have been accepted all around the world as it is developed and evaluated by highly experiences team of physiotherapists. IHFE certifications are an excellent way of demonstrating your knowledge and skills to prospective employers and greatly boost your chances of moving ahead in your career.

Physiotherapists or fitness professionals completing the certificate courses from IHFE are working under various private institutes all over India as well as abroad. Please check our Testimonials

Certificate issued by IHFE will contain JAS-ANZ logo to give traceability for international recognition. IHFE academy is live on JAS ANZ Website check on http://www.jas-anz.com.au/ > Our Directory > Certified Organisations.

International Health and Fitness Education – IHFE Trademark  and Affiliation

International Health and Fitness Education hold ISO 9001:2008 accredited certification through QA certification services and the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand which reflects that our courses and examinations are developed under a management system that conforms to the highest international quality standards. Our training material is prepared by healthcare professionals with years of experience, and goes through several rounds of analysis by expert physiotherapists and fitness trainers’ teams to help develop well balanced and comprehensive content.

ISO 9001:2008 is the International standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It provides an organization with a set of principles that ensure focused, informed, scientific and proven approach to the management of your business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction and continually improve operational effectiveness on the basis of PDCA cycle.

IHFE Academy is proud to have, affiliation of renowned association Named Indian Association of Health and Fitness

Indian Association of Health and Fitness registered under society act 1860, Reg No. 144 of 2000-01 of 14th day of July 2000.

The Indian Association of Health and Fitness promotes and integrates scientific research in health and exercise to maintain and enhance human performance, physical fitness, health and quality of life for all.

The Indian association of health and fitness, formed in the year 2000, is a non- profit and voluntarily organization, of professional, working in health, physical education and allied fields. IAHF aims to bring awareness about health and fitness among the society and, further it is committed to improve general health, human performance and share the knowledge nationwide to help people live an active life. It provides an effective platform at the national level for an interaction among the multi disciplinary personal working for the betterment of the individual and the society. It’s motto is helping people live healthy and active life.

Dr. Munish Soin Scientific Officer

Website: http://iahf.in/

NOTE: Internationally recognized, means a high level of achievement in a field as shown by a degree of skill and recognition substantially above that ordinarily encountered to the extent that such achievement is renowned, leading, or well known in more than one country. IHFE internationally recognised does not mean that IHFE courses are accepted, affiliated, accredited by government, organisation, colleges or university. The courses provided by IHFE are skill development courses, and add your skill and enhance your knowledge.


Brief about IHFE academy certification exam information

Certification program:

Eligibility requirements- 18 years of age of older or high school diploma or equivalent

Exam price- 9000 Rs

Re -Exam: 600 Rs

Passing mark: 65%

Exam format:

- Proctored by 3rd party- yes

- Time allowed – 4 hours

- Number of questions – 150

- Number of assignment – 5

- Online exam- yes

- Exam deadline- 10 months from course purchase date

Study tools:

Study material packages + exam = 9000 rupees

Study assistance:

Dedicated student resource staff- yes

Email assistant- yes

Study model:

Self study

Online content

Study materials tools:

Online course materials


Interactive study guide

Flash cards or Power point presentation

Practice tests and assignments

Exam preparation blogs

Related topics blogs

Online exercise library

Additional reference textbooks or E- resources

Continuing education:

Fees: 3000 Rs

Number of questions: 30 Multiple Choice Questions

Re-Exam: free

Study materials tools:

Online course materials


Interactive study guide

Related topics blogs

Online exercise library

Additional reference textbooks or E- resources

List of the documents have to submit at the time of enrolment:

· Documentary proof of education

· 1 recent passport size photos

· Fully filled out enrolment form indicating candidate name as desired to appear on the certificate.